Concert Captures - Live Music Photography and Performance Reviews

Hello fans of live music!

Thank you for taking a visit over to my portfolio. As you can see, I sure do love taking photos of concerts. Seeing live music for much of my teen years, right up through now in my forties has always been a passion of mine. I decided to move forward and combine the bit of love I had for photography with going to concerts, and it has slowly become and absolute obsession. For me personally, there is a tremendous thrill and adrenaline rush being up in the "pit" as it's called (in front of front row), with elbows on stage looking up at some of my musical idols wailing away up there while I get to photograph them from ten feet away! I've always had photos of musicians playing live on my walls growing up and even now, but seeing my own work on my walls makes for one of the most gratifying feelings I've had to date.

I welcome you to take a look through my galleries, I'm getting things together so stay tuned for blog posts, show reviews and of course, more photo galleries. Also, soon to come, online print ordering. Thank you for your support!

Best regards,
Craig Sandor